Reaching Generation Y by using 21st century marketing trends

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Senior Photography Marketing Campaign for Facebook- $100


-How to build “team spirit” and get your reps excited about the program

– A successful senior rep program ready for you to use today

  • What the senior gets
  • What the parents get
  • What your studio gets
  • Tips for your reps about getting maximum referrals

– Senior rep application

– Senior rep contract

– Model release for minor and adult

-Secrets to creating eye-catching rep cards

-Using facebook to showcase your senior reps and ignite buzz

-Buzz worthy products


Senior Photography Marketing Campaign for Blogs- $100


– Word of mouth marketing

– Igniting buzz

– Buzzworthy services

– Driving traffic to your blog

– How to showcase your senior reps

  • Questionnaire for senior reps

– How to make your blog personal

– How to reach and appeal to the senior client

– Website vs Blogs vs Blogsites

– Benefits of blogging

– Adding variety and interest

– Staying motivated to blog

– Personalize, don’t commercialize