Since starting Be The Trend, we’ve had some terrific feedback and success stories.  There’s nothing more that I’d like to hear than someone letting us know that after reading over our kit and using the tips on getting senior reps, rep application, contract, model releases, etc., they immediately started seeing results in their senior business.

Heather of Heather Roach Photography says:

“Great marketing tips. I love the layout of everything. It is very easy to follow. You get a lot for the money. Thanks, Jessica! When I’m rocking the seniors I’ll have you to thank. ( : ”

Heather went on to let me know that within 2 days of reading the Facebook Senior Marketing Kit and using it’s contents, that she had her first senior rep! She was so excited and I’m excited for her!

Melinda of Melinda Dillman Photography told us:

“This is a wonderful wealth of information for those just entering the senior market! Very well organized, very easy to use. Money well spent!”

I’m proud to say that Melinda’s senior rep program is doing even better than she expected!  I have no doubt she’s on the road to taking the senior market in her area by storm! Mark my words. 😉

If you guys have any questions about what these kits can do for you, or if you want a little more information on how they have helped other photographers, feel free to email our studio at or contact Heather or Melinda through their website and ask them what they think.

And for all those photographers across the US who’ve already bought and implemented their senior rep program, let us know how it’s going!  We love hearing from you. 🙂